How The White House was named

There is a very interesting story behind how The White House was named…..

The following texts are extracts taken from the wonderful website

“The first record of a village alehouse in Dulcote is in 1696, when John West an “inn-holder” of Wells leased the ale house beside the west mill.   In such a tiny community as Dulcote, it is likely that Mr. West served his beer from a room in this house, and that this early-style pub would have been the social hub of the working community.”

“By the mid-nineteenth century, The White Horse Inn had become the leased property of the Tudway family and was re-leased by the Tudways to others.”

“The White Horse is advertised in trade directories between 1889 and 1914 in Dulcote.  At this time it is listed as a public house not an inn.  The proprietors of this pub were Richard and Sarah Pointing.”

Folklore continues the story in that when Richard Pointing died, Sarah didn’t wish to continue to run The White Horse as a public house and so changed the “R” on the sign outside to a “U”, hence changing the name to “The White House” as it is know today…….