Red Sky at Night…..

What a beautiful weekend we had here at The White House in Dulcote.  The weather was glorious and we packed loads in; including a visit to the Wells Food Festival and a new load of jam making after a trip to Wookey Hole to collect blackberries.

The Food Festival was very busy and the smells from the numerous stalls were divine.  We came home with bags loaded with goodies, including local cheeses and dried meats.  Just managed to resist temptation to buy a huge plum pudding for Christmas Day but only after confirming we could also buy online at a later date!

Wookey Hole was awash with Blackberries and although I was on my own for this trip; a waddle of Geese and herd of young cows kept me company (or watched over me to make sure I didn’t take too many) and so Sunday evening was spent making 10 huge pots of Blackberry and Apple jelly (using the lovely Bramleys that Ros gave to me last week from her garden)

And just before we settled in for the evening my daughter Lucy took this lovely photo which really captures just how special a weekend it was.


red sky at night

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