A Weekend in the Country

A weekend full of sunshine and memories that will last a very long time……

Our daughter Lucy had a sleepover party at her friends house, fabulous views over the Mendips and a starlit disco with huge bonfire followed by a very large number of girls sleeping (if that’s the right word!) over in tents

Meanwhile Rod and I made our way to a Tramps party with our son Edward. Again, deep in the Mendips with a band in a huge barn. Edward was in charge of taking donations for the beer and cider and I have a lovely picture in my mind of him sitting on the top of a tractor trailer, eating his hog roast, and surrounded by kegs. Stacks of money raised for charity, and a good Tim had by everyone

Sunday was hot and sunny, we waived farewell to all of our guests and after changeovers sat in the garden with a glass of wine and a book.

Couldn’t even imagine such a weekend when we lived in London and although we loved it there, never in a million years would we change what we have here.

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