How many of you have had an opportunity to take a ride in a hot air balloon?

I was lucky enough to experience this a good few years ago in The Lake District and I will never forget the peace and tranquility, with the only sound being the woosh of the fire keeping the air hot in the balloon.  I remember that I tried a number of times and was on the verge of giving up as The Lake District was a very long drive from my home in County Durham, and the ride could never be guaranteed as it is heavily reliant on the weather and a completely calm day.  I think it was my fourth attempt before I finally got up there.

It was definately worth the effort and was an experience I will never forget.

The weather here in Dulcote has been ideal for balloon rides throughout the whole of April – we have had no rain (beginning to think we can class April as drought), brilliant sunshine, warm temperatures in the main, and wind free days.  So I wasn’t surprised to see a hot air balloon above The White House.

Photos arent great, but it brought back good memories….

IMG_0804 IMG_0803





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