Call this summer?

We’ve had an awful lot of wet weather in June and on Tuesday night, although it stayed dry, we had quite strong winds.  The storm didn’t last too long and we thought nothing of it.  The next morning I was up and away early to attend a meeting in London and was puzzled when Rod called me to ask if I had noticed “the tree”…..  Well, I hadn’t, and he was quite mysterious about the whole thing and just left the conversation with a throw-away line to check it out when I got home.

When I arrived home later that evening, I was shocked to see that half of the tree was missing, and although I had walked straight past it on my way to the car, I hadn’t noticed a thing.



The tree surgeon is coming this evening to give his prognosis but it isn’t looking good, and to make things worse, it took out our brand new fig tree when it came crashing down.

How on earth we all slept through it I don’t know!

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