Glastonbury is buzzing and its not even June…………….

We all know the importance of bees to sustain and protect our environment and so it was good to read in The Wells Journal this week that Micheal Eavis, founder of the Glastonbury festival, is planning to introduce three colonies of Black Honey Bees to Worthy Farm.

The dangers of colony collapse has been in the news for some time now; we have already lost 3 of our 27 bee species here in the UK and more are under threat; and so its up to all of us to do all we can to help protect and nurture these lovely little pollinators. We’ve done our bit here at The White House by planting lots of flowers and plants known to attract  bees and our new orchard will also do a little bit more to attract and sustain them.  Unfortunately we can’t host a colony as Rod has been stung one too many times and is now allergic.

The Wells Journal puts the estimated value of Europe’s insect pllinators at £14.2 billion a year, and so colony collapse is economically significant in a county dependent on agricultural crops.

So – think about what you can do to help, if we all do a little then we can perhaps reverse the collapse.






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