Horrington Milk Hut

On Friday evening we were intrigued to hear a story on the news of a local farmer vending fresh milk from a machine on his farm to the general public.  It was a fascinating story of  a young farmer taking the initiative to find ways to make his family farm more profitable.

We all know that farmers receive very little for their milk (around the region of only 16p per litre) and while we always make the choice to pay the higher price in supermarkets, , there has never been anything further we could do, as a consumer, to pay a fair price for our milk.

Well on Saturday, we had a chance to try the milk, when our neighbout brought a litre over for us to try.

The machine sells litres of milk for £1 – and you can take your own container or buy a traditional glass milk bottle for £1 from the machine.

The whole milk has been pasteurised on farm but it has not been homogenised or standardised meaning that the cream will settle on the top. It was absolutely delicious, and took me right back to childhood, when the creamy residue left a thick coating on the glass.

Not surprisingly, it is going a bomb, and fingers crossed, future plans are that they will deliver.

You can see a video of the vending process at http://www.somersetlive.co.uk/get-your-pinta-from-the-hut-one-somerset-farmer-s-high-tech-farm-gate-supply/story-29842731-detail/story.html


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