How does your garden grow

The vegetable garden is looking paticularly lush at the moment, although the picture below doesn’t do it full justice.  I’ve learned a lot over the last year; I now know the difference between a vegetable and a weed (and I’m not joking!!); and I’ve also learned that by turning over the soil regularly you can stop the weeds getting a hold.

We may have complained about all of the rain in June, but now the sun is shining and we are getting real warmth, everything is just shooting up.

We’ve already enjoyed broad beans, salad leaves and spinach (well, ok, I’ve enjoyed the spinach and not the rest of the family……) and now I’m getting excited at pea pods, cucumbers, courgettes, patty pans and lots of green tomatoes just waiting to  And we also have seven lovely little apples on our Katy apple tree.

Two weeks ago I planted sweet corn, and unsure how that will go, and the only major error I made this year was not to bed down the strawberries with straw, and so the birds and crawlie beasties around us have been feasting on them.


I’ll update you again in a few weeks but must get going as it needs another forking……………….

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