We had such a good day on Saturday and the weather was kind for the Musicircus. 

What an experience!  Cathedral Green and the Marketplace were packed and everywhere you looked there was a musical event – from accordion players, to choirs, right through to ukulele, brass and bagpipe bands. Drummers, cheerleaders, and not to forget the bell ringers!

We had the pleasure of entering the Cathedral belfry to watch the bell ringers at the start of the event and while we knew the bells were heavy, it was still surprising to see the ringer of the heaviest bell lifted from his feet  during the ringing.  Amazing to watch and scary to think that the original plan was for us novices to ring them!

When we put up the mobile belfry, most of the morning was helping to guide young and old, experienced and non-experienced ringers have a go, and these extremely light mobile bells were even more difficult to ring than those in our local church.

It was a real pleasure to be a part of this fantastic event and we are really hopeful it becomes an annual celebration for Wells and the Cathedral School

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