Sub House

We had a quiet ending to our busy weekend on Sunday evening, with a visit to the local cinema to see Inferno and then on for a meal at Subhouse.

I’ve spoken before about both places but they really do deserve to be mentioned again.

Wells Cinema is a very small independent – with their screenings shown in rooms not a lot bigger than my kitchen…..  Staff are fantastic and if you are ever in Wells and at a loss on a wet day then I would definately recommend.

And Subhouse, well, what can I say……

I did take a couple of pictures to show the atmosphere but it just didn’t capture it – you have to be there to experience it.  From the waiters juggling with neon internally lit balls, to the fairy lights on the roof, to the ultra cool surroundings (and games room upstairs, its really superb.  And to cap it all they have changed the menu to add Pieminster Pies!!!!!

Couldn’t get Eddie and Rod out of the place!






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