Wells hits the Times again – for the third time in a month

In December we were delighted to see a photograph of the Reindeer Parade in the Times and again a little later in the month with a photograph of the inside of Wells Cathedral during the Candle lit concert.

We have now hit third time lucky, with an article in the Sunday Times based on Cedars Hall. 

Transcript below:

“Wells has one of the most glorious cathedral precincts in England, the sort of place that is almost impossible to improve with new architecture.  But EPA has done that with a 359 seat recital hall for the cathedral’s venerable music school.  The roof appears to be floating on the power of music, above a series of pillars that are almost megalithic in their austerity.  In reality, the hall is sunk several metres into the ground, the roof rests on a sophisticated structural system and between the “megaliths” are single sheets of glass that can withstand the impact of a cricket ball bowled at 100mph. The BBC has already used it as a venue for lunchtime broadcast recitals”

We have been lucky enough to see two concerts already in the hall and agree totally with the write up.  It is a beautiful venue with superb acoustics and we strongly recommend a visit if you get the chance.

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