Would you believe it….

At the beginning of this month I wrote about the Dinder Flower and Produce show and our haul of prizes.  Well, a funny thing happened in the hairdressers earlier this week……..

I was in The Cutting Bay  in the centre of Wells (well recommended if you can excuse the pun)enjoying a chat with my lovely hairdresser Vicky when she asked me if I had entered anything in the show.  I very proudly mentioned I’d won first prize for my Victoria sandwich cake and she suddenly stopped cutting and said in a shocked voice “IT WAS YOU!!!!!!!!”.  Turning to her partner she repeated “IT WAS HER!!!!!!”.

Turns out Vicky has won first prize for her Victoria sponge cake for the last three years and I knocked her off the top spot.

Luckily I came home without green hair and after a laughing conversation about the British Bake Off we agreed we would be creating weird and wonderful show stoppers next year to try to out do each other.  Bring it on…….

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