Clifton Wine School

As a Christmas gift this year our daughter Melanie bought us a voucher for wine tasting at Clifton Wine School.  It was a generous gift and the voucher actually covered the cost of two wine tasting evenings.

The first was in Bath and we spent a lovely evening in March tasting sparkling and desert wines.  The second was last night, in Bristol, this time focusing on wine and cheese combinations.

She knows us well……

But more seriously, it was a fun night that also taught us a lot about how to evaluate wine professionally.  Delivered in an unpretentious way, and with lots of  engagement from those attending, we learned how to identify a young and old wine; how best to enjoy the bouquet and also how to taste it.

So for all of you thinking about your plans to fill time while visiting The Whtet House, why not consider including this in your itinerary

You can find details at

And if you do decide to go, then cheers, and enjoy!

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