Ray’s Playhouse

When we lived in London Ray’s Playhouse was a huge part of our lives.  Originally a council funded playgroup, both Eddie and Lucy attended with their nanny on a daily basis.  And when Council funding ran out, Rod and I stepped in with a small number of other parents to launch a campain to save the playhouse.

As part of this, we met a lovely lady called Sarah Bender who was seeking a really good cause to donate to, following inheritance received with the death of her brother Ray.  We all came together and the rest is history: Ray’s Playhouse was born.

It was a real struggle to make things work, not because of a lack of demand or interest, or hard work on all of our parts, but to overcome council bureaucracy to allow the Playhouse to continue.  But we made it, and although I haven’t been a part of the Playhouse for some time now, it continues through the hard work of all involved.

It is a special place, loved (and needed) by all and now it needs your help.

This year the Playhouse has been nominated to become Sainsbury’s Charity of the year which means that they will receive all proceeds from plastic bag sales and other fundraising.

It is a great opportunity, but they need your help to get the votes.

Voting is simple, you can vote online by going to www.sainsburyslocalcharity.co.uk and selecting ‘Fulham Wharf’ as your local store.

Please help them to win this position.  It will be such a big help to their children’s charity.

And if you could forward to friends/classes/groups or anyone you can think of, it would be simply amazing!

Thank you for taking the time to vote – the children really appreciate it.

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