The dangers of babysitting…………

We had such a lovely weekend as my niece Kate came to stay for five days with her husband and two daughters.  Its been a year since we saw them and so everyone was excited.

On their last day here, we all decided to go to Street so the girls could buy shoes (needless to say we all came back laden with chocolate from the Cadbury, Lindt and Thorntons shops).  I needed to return early to welcome our new guests and Beth, Kate’s youngest daughter who was tired of shopping, came back with me.

Its a long time since I had to entertain such a small one, and as she was eager to play hairdressing, I jumped at the chance to do a little computer work while she messed about with my hair.  (For those of you who know me well, you will know that this was a real treat for me).

Well, after a while being engrossed in my work, my consiousness came back with a realisation that my hair was damp and there was a very slight chemical smell…..  Beth wouldn’t let me look in a mirror as it would spoil the surprise, and at that moment the door bell rang.

When I answered the door to our new guests, their shocked faces said it all.  After a quick explanation I asked “What has she done……” and the answer came back with a smirk “Its blue…………………………..”

Luckily it washed out and so I’m now back to normal but unsure if I will ever live down the unexpected and strage holiday memory that my guests took home with them.

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